Furnishing and maintaining many rooms is a painful process

Discover our sustainable furniture as a service !

STRATA has been designed to address all furnishing challenges of investment property landlords.

Standard and durable

Base Layers

Base Layers – the structural part – are standard, durable and can easily be reconfigured to make various types of furniture frames. They are leased to landlords in long-term and fully-serviced packages, therefore encouraging durability, circularity and environmental responsibility.

Customisable and

reusable Skin Layers

The Skin Layer is the part of the product you see, touch and feel. They are personal, portable and recyclable. They are sold to tenants as fashion items in high street shops by big brands, and by communities of local craftsmen for those tenants who want something extra personal.


Hassle Free

We take care of everything with our 3-5 years fully-serviced contracts: installation, repairs, exchange, upgrade, storage and inventory management. STRATA is a turnkey furniture solution for all your properties. No trouble. Optimized return on investment.

No tenant, no pay

You only pay for the months when your properties are rented. No more negative impact on your return on investment from rental unemployment.

Modular and Sustainable

Our modular furniture easily adapts to all floor plan configurations. Whatever their size.

STRATA’s furniture service model is the most durable and sustainable option available on the market. No compromise for people and the planet.

Discover Our Packages

What We Offer

For Flats
  • The LIFE Pack
  • Double bed
  • Two-seater sofa
  • Desk and chair
  • Shelf system
  • Dinner table
  • Four chairs
  • Possible add-on on request (carpet, drapes, ... )
For Offices
  • The OFFICE Pack
  • Desk and chairs
  • Sofas
  • Shelf system
  • Possible add-on on request (room dividers, ... )
Furniture as a service

Flexible and modular furniture

We provide landlords and their tenants with flexible and modular furniture that easily adapts to changing needs. All selected products are made out of a Base Layer, the structural and very long lasting part of the product, and a Skin Layer, the part of the product you can see, touch and feel. Just drag the slider on the left to reveal.

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